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Winter Magnolia

by Christina Blust

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Veni Veni 00:54
Veni veni, O Oriens. Solare nos adveniens. Noctis depelle nebulas, dirasque noctis tenebras. Gaude, gaude, Emanuel! Nascetur pro te, Israel! (Traditional Gregorian)
Winter magnolia sleeps on Rose. Inside, a fire is burning. Outside, the sky is turning an unnamed shade of night. Love lives in these rooms — my mother in the kitchen, my father at the fireplace. Winter magnolia, serene on Rose. Far away, the stars are waking. Right here, the dawn is breaking in endless shades of white. Upstairs in empty bedrooms, retained within the walls, our younger voices call, "Wake up! Wake up, love! It's snowing."
Pictures 02:46
I don't think you need any advice from me. Everything you need you've got already (right here). You don't need a camera. There's a better device inside you. It's called your soul. It keeps taking pictures of love: The way the breeze feels on your skin, the way the sun comes up. What more do you need? And if your house burns down or floods to the ceiling, you're okay. You still know what love looks like (right here). If your stomach growls a lot, if you lose your sense of hearing, you're okay. You still know what love sounds like. You've still got pictures of love. The way a three-year-old laughs, the way a tree grows up. What more do you need? And if you lose your beauty, if you cannot climb your stairs — you're okay. You've still got your pictures (right here). If you wake up old with all your dear friends gone, you've still got pictures that prove you're part of something bigger. Pictures of love: the touch of a hand that feels like home and infinite stars above. What more do you need?
Tumor 03:17
Tumor, you are mistaken: you are actually a bag of poppy seeds. I will plant you in my yard. Come summer, all your petals will go haywire, orange and red. You will not spread. You will grow flowers instead. Tumor, you are mistaken: you are actually an old wooden desk. I will rest my head upon you. On your surface, lovingly, I'll carve three words next to my name. You will not spread. You will support my books instead. Tumor, you are mistaken: you are actually my favorite cotton skirt. I will put you on in winter. When the winds come, you will not hinder their pathway to my knees. You will not spread. You will fit nicely instead. Tumor, you are mistaken: you are actually a small, frenzied moth. I will watch you from the front door. You will kiss the light on my porch, find in its brilliance fatal joy — you will not spread. You will die for love instead.
Snowbound fluorescence is blinding me now. Intriguing question: in which direction points a soul? Surround existence and laugh with me now — ambivalence drifting, confidence lifting your eyes. (Lift your eyes!) Don't believe staggering fools who tell you you should fear. Don't believe any love but true — darling, I will stand beside you. I know you are stronger than that. Broken and barren with hailstones falling, hearts languish frozen, misery chosen in the dark. But stronger weapons than despair are calling. Sudden amaryllis! In dead fields reach lilies to the sky, to the sky. Hope is dancing in the sky. (Hope is staring right at you.)
There's something so nontriumphant, walking home alone in the wrong direction. The only views outside my window is solid gray and it's cold outside, but keep on walking. Don't let the winter get your soul. Armed with the thought of something noble, it seems so cruel to see nature take its toll. Elsewhere are shouts, but here's just quiet. I guess to find peace, you must first find peace within. Any place is valid. Any soul is valid. Just look inside.


Lyrical and thoughtful, Winter Magnolia features a sparse version of the ancient song "Veni Veni, Emanuel" as well as honest, simple arrangements of five originals.


released December 24, 2007

Christina Blust: vocals, guitar, piano

Recorded, produced and mastered by Don Arney, Quantum Productions, except for "Pictures" and "Keep On Walking," recorded by Christina Blust.


all rights reserved



Christina Blust Nashville, Tennessee

Singer-songwriter and player of accordion, guitar and piano. Member of Yearbook Committee (SXSW showcasing artist 2011, 2012 & 2013). Had two songs in the Emmy-award-winning documentary "Baring It All" (2011).

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